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I own/operate a hotel, motel, cabin, vacation home, B&B, VRBO, AirB&B

There is a 3% Guest Transient Tax* that is to be collected on overnight stays, that are 91 consecutive days or less. You are responsible to collect, report and remit collections to the Pulaski County Collectors Office. This is over and above other taxes; city, state, county, ID** and Use. Please contact the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau at 573.336.6355 or email –, for details and forms.

What taxes do I need to collect? 

It depends on where you are located. If you are in the city limits, there will be State, City, County, ID and User. If you are in the county you will collect; State, County, ID and User. It also depends on the type of business or products you are offering. Refer to the State of Missouri link for the information you are seeking.

* What is the Guest Transient Tax?

This is a tax that is collected on overnight stays in Pulaski County. Lodging partners collect the assessment, remit collections and report to the Pulaski County Collectors office. Revenue is legislated for use to market Pulaski County as a tourist destination. increasing visitation, expenditures in our communities and sales tax revenue and operation of a Visitors Center.
Other states and communities may refer to this tax assessment as lodging, occupancy, hotel/motel, hotel, guest, guest transient, or tourism tax and is generally legislated for use in marketing the community, outside of the immediate area, as a destination for tourists. This tax assessment was passed in Aug 1998 under the campaign, “The Tax You Don’t Have To Pay”, unless, of course, you are staying in transient lodging facilities.

What is an Improvement District? (ID)

ID stands for Improvement District. Many communities and regions have passed improvement districts. These can be Community Improvement Districts (CID), Tourism Improvement Districts (TID), Transportation Development Districts(TDD), Transportation Improvement Districts (TID), etc., in which the revenues are used to make improvements to a specific geographic area.

I understand there was a change in tax. How do I make sure I am charging the right tax rates?

Visit Sales & Use Tax or contact the State Taxation Department directly. Information provided is directing you to the Missouri State Website. If you have questions or need to verify any information regarding taxes the Missouri State Taxation Department is who you need to speak to.

New Business – State of Missouri

The State of Missouri New Business Information provides information on starting a new business in Missouri and handy links for existing businesses.

Missouri Sales & Use Tax Link

State of Missouri Sales & Use Tax Links to various tax information and forms. The Guest tax for Pulaski County is 3%. This is not collected by the state, therefore it is not on the state website. In Missouri, the Guest Tax is collected at the local level. In Pulaski’s case it is at the Pulaski County Collectors Office. Tip: If you are looking for what the tax is in Pulaski County, scroll down to Sales/Use Taxes, click on most Sales/Use Tax Rate Information, Click on Year, Click on most recent link. Use your “Find” to quickly move through the document. Type in the town your business is located in or type in Pulaski County if you are located outside of the city limits. This will take you quickly through the document. There are different tax amounts based on the business’ physical location you must search the document in it’s entirety, multiple times. You must be cognizant if your business is located within an improvement district or what county district you are in. Contact officials at those government offices for clarification if you do not know.

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Additional Resources

Pulaski County Courthouse – Check with the County Clerk and Collectors office regarding requirements of collection, remittance, regulations, merchant license, and permits.
Area Chamber of Commerce Organizations – In Pulaski County Missouri there are 4 Chamber of Commerce Organizations – Crocker, 573-736-5922, DixonRichland, and Waynesville/St Robert
City Governments – If your business is inside the city limits check with your city to establish collections, remittance, regulations, merchant license, and permits.
Economic Development – Pulaski County Growth Alliance – development opportunities.

To list your business with the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau & Visitors Center please visit our Partner page. We are not membership based and encourage you to be connected and communicate with us to gain access to our partner programs and referral system.