Event Planner Assistance

Event Planner Assistance

Event Planner Assistance

Planning an event in Pulaski County? Take advantage of the numerous marketing materials available to ensure you reach your target audience

Large Events

Large events are defined as those that would bring in tourists from more than 50 miles away and not-for-profit organizers.

Examples of large events include the following:

All must be open to the public with a draw of 50 miles or more. To properly promote your large event, the Bureau requires the following information:

Images, videos, and flyers are strongly encouraged to include mentions within our social promotion.

Community Events & Activities

Community events and activities are defined as events of a community nature, including fundraisers under five hours, game nights, live music, and paint-and-sip classes available for for-profit and not-for-profit event planners. Other examples include the following:

Resources available for community events and activities include the following:

Community Meetings

Calendar — Enter your meetings held in Pulaski County on the Community Meeting Calendar. Allow up to 48 hours for your event to be approved.

Other Marketing Tips

Vendor Information

Applications — Vendors must contact individual event planners.

Permits — The event planner will be familiar with city and county regulations regarding vendor participation. Cities with permit information available online include the following:

Health Department — For information about the Pulaski County Health Department regulations, visit PulaskiCountyHealth.com/services.html.

Emergency Services — Contact area law enforcement and emergency services to advise them of special events. Include in your crisis planning contact with the Pulaski County Office of Emergency Management, which will assist you with planning. PC OEM may be reached at 573-774-8493.

To list your business or organization with the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau & Visitors Center, visit our Industry Partner page to learn more about our programs. We are not membership-based and encourage you to connect and communicate with us to gain access to our partner programs and referral system.

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