“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club” – Jack London

Pulaski County Tourism Bureau is the premier source for writers and media covering the outdoors and history of the scenic central Ozarks. Our team will assist you with coordinating site visits, arranging and scheduling one-on-one interviews and photo shoots. The Pulaski County Tourism Bureau offers complimentary FAMs (familiarization tours), to qualified media.

Whether you are in the film industry looking for a movie or commercial film locations, an outdoor or historic writer or you are a photojournalist searching for that unique outdoor experience to be appreciated by others, an exciting discovery of the natural diversity of Pulaski County awaits.

Inspiration Happens Here!

Located in the heart of Missouri’s Interstate 44 corridor, Pulaski County is the center for your Ozark adventure. Bursting with small-town Americana, Pulaski’s cities of Crocker, Dixon, Fort Leonard Wood, Richland, Saint Robert & Waynesville each have their own captivating history, culture, and hidden treasures. Each community reveals in the natural, vibrant beauty of its surroundings. Outdoor enthusiasts know that within minutes you could be fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, golfing or exploring prehistoric caves.

Waynesville, the county seat, and Pulaski’s oldest community has a vibrant historic downtown that is infused with arts, entertainment, great food, culture, and Midwestern hospitality with small-town charm. Situated on legendary Route 66, the city boasts two museums and ties to the days of stagecoaches with a dash of Civil War History.

The Frisco Railroad connects the communities of Dixon, Crocker, and Richland. America’s Mother Road, 66, weaves through the scenic Ozark beauty of Devils Elbow to the outskirts of Laquey. Stops along the way include the hilarious Uranus Missouri, patriotic St. Robert, (which is also developing an open-air museum featuring vintage Route 66 neon signs), into Waynesville and through the Buckhorn area.

Scenic backdrops abound in Pulaski County! Some of our favorites are Portuguese Point, Bussmann’s Lodge, Pippin Place, Devil’s Tea Table, and Devil’s Elbow.

Colorful characters, legendary tales!

Pulaski County has a history of colorful characters and legendary tales. Fur trappers, tie rafters, bushwhackers, soldiers, unsung heroes, and salt of the earth folks are all part of the patchwork that has created the fabric of our communities. Our stories can be motivational, celebratory, patriotic, industrious, hilarious, and sometimes tragic. Pulaski County is the perfect Ozark Mountain backdrop to allow your characters to develop and come to life. You will discover entertaining, and engaging, content that your audience is seeking out.

Scouting Services

Let the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau assist you in scouting locations. We have worked with numerous journalists and film crews to assist them in identifying the perfect resources, set locations, itinerary planning, and obtaining bids for lodging, catering, security. We know often times time is of the essence, so let’s set a date to see what your needs are and once you are ready, drive or fly-in to our destination for your personalized FAM.

Sample Projects

Media Events

Missouri Outdoor Communicators – 2021 “Fish, Float & Fun” Media Event

Military Writers Society of America

Missouri Outdoor Communicators – 2016


The Walking Tourists

Jim Winnerman

Route Magazine

Missouri Life Magazine


Lost Treasure of Jesse James

Death Alley

Discovery’s – “Darkness – Cave of the Seven Serpents”

Extreme Home Make Over – “A Veterans Day Special”

Partnered Productions

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