Month: June 2018

History & Heroes: Five Fast Facts- Mark Hanna

Marcus Alonzo Hanna, Ohio Senator, was the namesake of the community and post office of Hanna, Missouri in Pulaski County. 1. Hanna attended the same public school, Cleveland (OH) Central High School, as John D. Rockefeller. Hanna attended Western Reserve College but was expelled for a prank. 2. Hanna, who “had as much to do… Read more »

History & Heroes: Five Fast Facts- Champ Clark

James Beauchamp “Champ” Clark was the namesake of Clark National Forest in Missouri. A portion of this National Forest was located within the boundaries of Pulaski County, Missouri. In 1973 CNF was “administratively combined” with Mark Twain National Forest. In 1976 Clark National Forest was absorbed by Mark Twain National Forest. 39,177 acres of MTNF are located inside Pulaski County.