Spring Is In The Air

Hit the road and explore

Spring has sprung and it is the perfect time to hit the road and explore!  Jump in the car, or roll out your motorcycle, and hit the road.  Enjoy the blue sky, fresh air and discover the history and hidden gems along the way. All the trees are budding, and it makes for a beautiful backdrop to Pulaski’s gorgeous Ozark landscape.  Brilliant Bradford Pears are in full bloom.  Red Bud’s, and Dogwood, Missouri’s State Tree,  will be following close behind.

The Tourism Bureau offers several resources to show you the way. 

Learn about the history of Pulaski’s 33 miles of Route 66, stop by unique shops, and eateries along the way.

Take the Frisco Railroad tour that weaves through Dixon, Crocker, and Richland.  Stop at the beautiful community parks, or grab a burger or ice cream at one of the Mom and Pops.

Many of our tourists love our Shutterbug tours!  Are you ready to discover some of the hidden beauty of Pulaski?  Or how about selfies at the Bizarre and Unique stops?

Great eats and local Mom & Pops. Jackie’s Snackette – Dixon, Burger Hut – Crocker, The Burger Stand, Richland

Or maybe it is just about nature and you prefer the backroads.  The drive is just as pretty in the spring as in the autumn.

Shady Dell Park, Richland, MO
Laughlin Park, Waynesville, MO

Stop and take time to explore an area you have never stopped at.  Or spend some time at area parks.  Take a walk along their trails to identify spring flowers.  Or relax while birdwatching.   The  Missouri Department of Conservation is seeking nominations for Champion Trees.  Maybe you will be the one to find a Champion Tree in Pulaski County.