Public Fishing Access in Pulaski County, Missouri during COVID-19

A Resource Guide For Locals

Updated 4/8/2020

Missouri Department of Conservation announced Tuesday that it will waive requirements for fishing permits or trout tags from March 27 through April 15 to help Missourians looking for recreation while maintaining distance from other people to fight the spread of the coronavirus and Covid-19, the disease the virus causes. 

Spending time with Mother Nature during this time of crisis is sage, and recommended, advice.

Pulaski County Health Center has urged residents to “enjoy the outdoors on your own property.”

Trout fishing the Roubidoux in downtown Waynesville

Pulaski County Tourism Bureau has created this reference for Pulaski Countians. The bureau reminds you to proactively practice social distancing while enjoying your time outdoors. Avoid groups and include soap and water and/or hand sanitizer in your tackle box.

Via Missouri Governor Mike Parson. Click image to see original post.


Located between Interstate 44 and Richland, Mitschele Access has a parking lot and a boat ramp. Fish for Black Bass, Rock Bass, and Sunfish in the Gasconade River.


Located north of Saint Robert at the end of Y Highway. Riddle Bridge Access has a parking lot, boat ramp, privies, and a stunning view. Fish for Black Bass, Catfish, Crappie, Rock Bass, and Sunfish in the Gasconade River.


Ross Access, located south of Fort Leonard Wood, is the only public access to the Big Piney River in Pulaski County. The access has a parking lot and a boat ramp. Fish for Catfish, Crappie, Sunfish, Black Bass and White Bass.

Fishing near downtown Waynesville, Missouri


Located just north of the heart of Waynesville, Roubidoux Creek Conservation Area has a fishing jetty and parking lots. Anglers can fish for Black Bass, White Bass, Catfish, and Sunfish in the Gasconade River and for Trout in Roubidoux Creek. Not an angler? Roubidoux Creek CA covers 179 acres for you to explore.


Located west of Crocker, Schlicht Springs Access has a boat ramp, a parking lot, and privies. This area is disabled accessible. Fish for Black Bass, Rock Bass, and Sunfish in the Gasconade River.


Located in downtown Waynesville, Laughlin & Roubidoux Parks have parking lots and privies and are disabled accessible. Fish for trout in both white and red ribbon trout areas of Roubidoux Creek. Anglers can also hook Black Bass, Rock Bass, and Sunfish. Bird watching is also a popular activity in both parks.