Route 66

No other Highway in the history of the United States is as celebrated as Route 66. It is a throwback to a simpler time when the idea of extended traveling was still a novelty. If you’re traveling the 300 miles of the Mother Road that spans ten counties in Missouri, it means tearing a page out of history as you travel through quaint towns that provide glimpses to, and even memories of, a younger America.

The stretch of Route 66 that winds through Pulaski County are lush with brilliant scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Rivers cut through limestone and dolomite rock leaving dramatic bluffs and fertile valleys. The 200-foot tall bluffs visible in the Devils Elbow area were once described as being one of the “seven scenic wonders of Missouri” in literature from the Missouri Planning Commission.

The Pulaski County Tourism Bureau has developed a brochure with turn by turn directions to ensure you discover key sights along the route. Enhance your experience with our online audio tour and access our online map that highlight additional stops. Over 50 in all!   Visit the Digital Download page for more information. We have developed these tools to make your stay in our area the best possible, and you won’t get lost!

With so much to see and do in Pulaski County, plan to stay while!  Plenty of lodging choices and great dining choices makes us the perfect overnight stop between St. Louis and  Springfield for Route 66 explorers.

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