Ice Cream Trail

June 7, 2023

Every Day Is a Great Day for Ice Cream!

Few things are better on a hot day than ice cream. Whether it’s in a bowl, a cone, or in the middle of a sundae, ice cream is the perfect summer treat. With so many flavors, a cold sweet treat for just about everybody is just waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for an excuse to pick up something cold and sweet today, we’ve got you covered.

Burger Hut

Opened in February 2021 in a remodeled gas station located right in the heart of Crocker, Burger Hut features some of the best soft-serve ice cream available in chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-vanilla twist.

The Burger Stand

Offering up soft-serve ice cream at great prices for more than 12 years. Shakes are the top seller — especially fresh fruit shakes! Find The Burger Stand on the southwest side of town along Highway 133S — just look for Curly the Clown!

“Watch for Curly, our fabulous sign as you travel along Highway 133. People come to The Burger Stand from Waynesville, Saint Robert, Roby, Richland, and even as far away as St. Louis!” — Carrie Turner, Owner

Saint Robert

Rich and creamy frozen custard made fresh throughout the day in a variety a flavors and your choice of topping. Enjoy in a cup, cone, or concrete!

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
Saint Robert

World-renowned Blizzards have returned to Pulaski County — featuring more than 50 varieties with an array of sundaes and sweet frozen desserts.

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Saint Robert

Freddy’s makes a good thing even better by using only America’s finest dairy ingredients and churning their frozen custard throughout the day. Blend in your personal favorites, including candy, fruit, or chocolate fudge.

Sweet Sam's on Route 66

Sam is serving up delicious honey ice cream in more 20 mouthwatering flavors. Her ice cream is made by Giofre Apiaries in Millersburg, MO. She recently opened her storefront just west of the Waynesville Square. Along with her shop, Sam may also be found around town and at festivals across Missouri on her ice cream bike.

Jackie’s Snackette

Chocolate milkshakes are a very popular item, but Chelsey and Dustin serve up amazing creamy creations all day. Check out their weekly cool concoctions with ice cream, they dream up some creative options! Prefer an ice cream float? They can satisfy your craving with more that 15 different types from their custom float list! Want a great classic? Banana splits and ice cream sundaes are also served here!

Market Basket

Come sit a spell and enjoy their delicious hand-dipped ice cream, available in single and double-dip. A fresh brownie with a scoop or two of caramel praline pecan is just what you want — and trust us, need! They offer eight flavors of ice cream, including old standbys like caramel praline pecan, chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake, with additional flavors rotating in seasonally. Get there early for their sought-after waffle cone!

“We have been in business for 20 years and are known as the gathering place to meet and enjoy visiting.” — Barb Bolan, Owner/Operator

Saint Robert and Waynesville

Ice cream has been featured on McDonald’s menu since the 1940s. The traditional vanilla soft serve in a crispy cone remains a favorite more than 80 years later.

Uranus Ice Cream Company
Saint Robert

Grab up a hand-dipped waffle cone and roam the complex full of side-splitting humor and activity.  Cool off in the double-decker bus or under their pavilion located next to the Giant Belt Buckle.

Saint Robert

The Frosty, the signature frozen dairy dessert of Wendy’s, has been a staple on the menu since the restaurant chain first opened in 1969.

Health-Conscious Ice Cream Alternatives

If dairy is a big no-no, that doesn’t mean you have to forego cool and creamy goodness!

Smile! Nutrition

Conveniently located inside Phelps Health Medical Center, serving gluten-free, keto shakes, Level Up teas, and slushies since its opening. You’d never know they’re not traditional ice cream! They sell no dairy products, and all items are metabolism boost, energy boost, and fun!

Smoovies Smoove Eats
Saint Robert

Offers 100% organic fruit “Smoovies,” a great boost for the morning and a pick-me-up for the afternoon. No additives, artificial sweeteners, or sugar — non-GMO and non-dairy. The delectable treats are offered in many flavors, including Oreo cookie, chocolate chip cookie, Mangonada (Mexican candy drink), strawberry cheesecake, and iced oatmeal cookie.

“This is a vegan shop making fresh-squeezed, fruit smoothies that taste great and offer super benefits for your body!” — Rebecca Peek, Owner

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