• Rendering of Neon Park
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Pulaski County Route 66 Preservation

is building the Route 66 Neon Park development along Route 66 in Saint Robert, Missouri. This is the first park of its kind, and in partnership with the Route 66 Association of Missouri, the City of St. Robert and the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau.

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The Route 66 Neon Park is in the fundraising stage. We have 5 signs in storage locally and 2 in storage within Missouri. The development is being build in one of the last operating original roadside parks. The George M. Reed Roadside park is located at the junction of Route 66 and Missouri Ave. Neon signs will be incorporated within this park and with all current features remaining; Military tank, trees and concrete picnic areas. Eligible signs are orphaned or abandoned signs from along Route 66 and must have been located on Route 66, used between the years of 1926 and 1985, and highlight the tourism and travel industry.

Preservation is seeking help with fundraising effort, grants, donations and more. We would love for you to become involved in this historic development!