Event Planner Assistance

Planning an event in Pulaski County? There are numerous ways to promote your event….

Large Events

Defined as those that would bring in tourists from over 50 miles away. Not-For-Profit organizers.


Add your event to the Festival and Event calendar. Full details are needed; Name, contact information, location, dates/times, and pertinent information about the event. You may also upload an image or flyer. Allow up to 48 hours for your event to be approved.

Visitors Center Programs

Marquee: Large events may be featured on the Visitors Center Marquee. The Bureau must have details about your event in order to provide information to travelers.

Bulletin Board: You may display your flyer.

Brochure: You may display your brochure about your event.

Kiosk: Listing on promotional material in outside kiosk.

Referrals: Staff referrals with those planning their trip and while visiting the Center.


Mentions on Event Blogs

Social Media mentions

Referrals during speaking engagements and tradeshows

Possible inclusion in broadcast investments and interviews when available.

Media Release

Furnish details of your event for inclusion in a media release. Listing is sent out by the 10th of each month for the proceeding month. Provided to media: Broadcast 30 days out, Print magazine 90 days out. Information is pulled from the online calendar.

Marketing Assistance Grant

In September, applications are accepted for the Marketing Assistance Grant which grants additional marketing investments for large events held in Pulaski County. Investments are personalized for each awarded event, and are placed by the DMO. Investments may include; digital, social, broadcast, and print.

FY23 Event Marketing Assistance Program Information.

The application window Opens September 2nd, closing September 30th at 3PM.

Examples of Large Events

Concert (professional/semi-professional), organized fun runs/racing with a unique appeal or minimum 10K, historic reenactments, airshows, sporting events/regional tournaments; shooting,  rodeo, cycling, fishing, holiday events; unique events and festivals, fairs offering special events, handcraft events/tradeshows (20 or more vendors), artesian demonstrations which operate a minimum of 5 hours.  Food and Beverage events; Ozark flavor, BBQ, wing, chili cook-offs that are sanctioned or offer 10 or more vendors.  All must be open to the public with a draw of 50 miles or more.

Required Information

In order to properly promote your Large Event we must have the following:

Name of Event, Contact information, Description of event/s, Date, Times, Location, Website or Social Media channel. Contact information for tourists to find out more details.

Images, videos, and flyers are strongly encouraged in order to include mentions within our social promotion.

Community Events & Activities

Defined as those events that are more of a community nature; fundraisers, under 5 hours in length…. game nights, live music, paint and sip, etc….. Available for For-profit and Not-for-profit event planners.

Example of Community Events

Local beauty contests, youth camps, cleanup activities, club and organization meetings, fairs/carnival with/o special events, dinners, revivals, and activities,  Fun runs/racing to raise funds for the organization,  Easter egg hunt, trick or treating activities, small holiday.  Home tours, food and beverage events with less than 10 vendors, bazaars/tradeshows; gun, knife, outfitters,  (less than 20 vendors), school festivities, seminars/workshops/grand openings of for-profit businesses, traveling circuses or carnivals. 

Example of Community Activities

Game nights, live music, paint and sip, etc…..

Visitors Center

Marquee: Limited exposure for not-for-profit EVENTS and organizers, based upon space availability, and MODOT eligibility requirements.

Bulletin Board: You may display your flyer.

Brochure: You may display your brochure about your event.

Referrals: When working with those planning their trip and while visiting the Center.


Add your event to the Community Event & Activities calendar. Full details are needed; Name, contact information, location, dates/times, and pertinent information about the event. You may also upload an image or flyer. Allow up to 48 hours for your event to be approved.

Media Release

Media Release to regional outlets based on rotation availability for non-for-profit event organizers only.


Event Blog: Primarily for not-for-profit community events, for-profit events on a case by case basis and space availability.

Activity Blog: Not-for-profit and for-profit. Based on rotation availability.

Community Meetings


Enter your meetings held in Pulaski County on the Community Meeting Calendar. Allow up to 48 hours for your event to be approved.

Other Marketing Tips

Other Marketing Outlets

Tell Your Story: So many promote their events forgetting to add excitement and details of what will really be happening.  They list the name, date, time, and location…but what is setting your event apart from the 10’s of thousands of other activities they can choose from?  As you tell your story be thinking…what would intrigue a person to get in their car and drive a couple of hours to attend this event? What sets my event apart from 40 other events within the state?

___A.  Chili Cook off on Nov 15th 3pm-5pm. OR

___B.  Chili Cook off featuring over 20 Chili-Master’s offering mild to rip-roaring hot chili, sanctioned and sponsored by “XYZ Company”.  Vote for your favorite during the event Nov 15th 3-5pm.  Register to compete in the Pepper Challenge!

___A.  City of ABC 5K run Oct 25 3-7pm. OR

___B.  Run for your life at the Zombie Apocalypse 5K Run featuring over 30 zombie characters, followed by a Zombie dinner of unique foods on Oct 25 3-7pm

__A.  Route 66 festival on May 5 from 10-4pm. OR

__B.  Route 66 Festival featuring over 30 crafters, featuring artesian demonstrations, car shows, historic seminars, book signings…

Tourism Bureau: List your event on our online calendar. This information is used to incorporate this into the marketing that we do for the destination.  Marketing investments range from; state-wide radio, billboard, print publications, online pubs, tradeshows, speaking engagements, social mentions and paid push, SEM (pay per click), digital targeted banner advertising, based upon eligibility.

Your social channels: Promote your events, news, updates, and sponsors on your social media. Build excitement about your upcoming event! Make regular posts to drive excitement, teasers, and reminders.  Use images…(Make sure to take pictures to use for next year, too!!)  Begin promotion months out from your event.  Video interviews – attendees, past participants, organizers, sponsors. Set up a Facebook Event. Make sure it is public and start inviting people! Share on other pages and groups: Be courteous and don’t spam! Invested in boosted posts; filtering geographically and by interest.

Press Release: Write a Press Release and send it to area media outlets and to the Tourism Bureau.

VisitMo.Com: List your eligible event on the Missouri Division of Tourism Website.

Missouri Humanities Council: List your eligible event on their website.

Contact: Local radio stations, publications, and online blogging outlets.

List your event: With Rural Missouri, Missouri Life, and other print and online publications.

Posters/Flyers: Disperse flyers to area businesses; motels, restaurants, etc.  Be sure to also distribute flyers outside of the local communities.  Notify surrounding Chamber of Commerce offices, Tourism Bureaus, and Visitors Centers. Go to other events similar to yours and distribute information!  Holding a Bicycle ride?  Go to other events and share news about your upcoming ride. 

Speak Out: Tell everyone you know about your event.  Arrange to make announcements at local, civic, and community organizations; Kiwanis, VFW, etc.

Vendors:  Vendors attending your event are another avenue to market to and market thru!  Successful events are promoting a year out so while your current event is taking place give your vendors information on the event for the next year so they can get you on their schedule.  They also want your event to be successful and will help you promote.  The more that attend your event, the more customers they have! Tips:  Give them copies of your event flyer for the coming year, invite them to like your social media page, invite them to your social media event invite encourage them to share your flyers on social media, you could even have a contest for the most shares.

Be Timely:  Remember to get your event information submitted EARLY!  For the Bureau to be able to properly promote your large event many of our outlets require information 4 months in advance.  Large events might be picked up for a feature story or radio interview!  Remember most magazines work 3 to 6 months out (for story consideration), so the earlier they know about you the better.  Be sure to include photos from the previous year’s event.  Also the more notice for any event, the more time is available for the public to plan to attend!  

REMEMBER:  To advise the Bureau, immediately of any changes, postponements, or cancellations.  Tourists rely on the Bureau information to be accurate and timely.   Many are driving several hours to attend events in the area, due to the marketing investments that the Bureau makes, and we do not want them to be disappointed that something was canceled and the Bureau was not made aware. Be sure to update information on other outlets you use.

DON’T MISS OUT:  Your Large Event is missing out on tremendous marketing opportunities if you walk into the Visitors Center with a flyer 2 days before your event.  No radio, no print, no media releases, no promotion on weekly event blog, save the date reminders, social posts, speaking engagements, or mention at various tradeshows that we attend.  You have worked very hard to organize this event.  Be sure to keep marketing at the forefront of your mind.

Vendor Information

Applications, Permits, Emergency Services and Health Department Requirements

Applications: Vendors will need to contact the individual event planner, of the event you are interested in.

Permits: The event planner will be familiar with city and county regulations regarding vendor participation. Cities with permit information available online are:

City of WaynesvillePeddlers, Solicitors, and Canvassers Permit

St. RobertPeddler Permit

Health Department: For information about the Pulaski County Health Department regulations visit PulaskiCountyHealth.com/services.html

Emergency Services: Contact area law enforcement and emergency services to advise them of special events. Include in your crisis planning contact with the Pulaski County Office of Emergency Management, which will assist you with planning. PC OEM may be reached at 573.774.8493

To list your business or organization with the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau & Visitors Center please visit our Industry Partner page to learn more about our programs. We are not membership-based and encourage you to be connected and communicate with us to gain access to our partner programs and referral system.