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Big BAM Day 3 Bonus: Discover Richland

Richland, Missouri which will certainly delight and surprise riders who tour Day 3’s official brunch stop. This modest hamlet, rich in history, arts, nature, entrepreneurship and sense of community will greet you like an old friend. Richland Chamber of Commerce and town merchants have banded together to craft these thoughtful and unique experiences for Big BAM adventure cyclists.

Big BAM Day 3: More Fun Along the Route!


Big BAM is known for treating its cyclists to the best of Missouri’s cities, villages, and landscapes. This year’s ride, along Route 66, is especially inspiring. To many Mother Road enthusiasts around the globe this fabled road represents freedom and authentic Americana. That symbolism is spot on. Pedal slowly through these points along the byway and Route 66’s genuine narrative will become a chapter in your personal story.

Big BAM Day 3 Amusements, Attractions, & Sites of Significance

Big BAM cyclists will have pedaled almost 193 miles of Route 66 when arriving in Waynesville at the end of Day 3. Enhance your epic adventure with these one-of-a-kind Pulaski County experiences before saddling up for Day 4!

Big BAM Day 3 RV Parks

RV and Camping, central Missouri

Need a site for your RV at the end of Big BAM Day 3 in Waynesville? Reserve your space at one of these nearby RV Parks today!

Big BAM Day 3 Grub & Grog

Waynesville’s featured eateries and drinkeries are sure to win you over with first-rate food, top-notch refreshing beverages, and an endless supply of hospitality and charm!