Creative Business Ideas

Many of these suggestions should be second nature.   And if not, now would be the time to integrate them into your marketing strategy.  In visiting with one business owner she stated “On the positive side I see this as a reset to get caught up with everything.”

Let the Tourism Bureau know about your business and new services being offered.  Email us at or log onto your Partner Extranet at

Thinking out of the box – During this time think out of the box and develop services to meet the need of the public.  For example many restaurants that did not offer deliver or curbside services, now are.   Hold paint and sip classes?  Why not offer take home craft project and hold a virtual Google Hang Out Paint & Sip event?

Gift Certificate Promotion – Develop a gift certificate promotion. 

Build your internet reach – Take this time to secure your listings with Google Maps, Yelp, Foodie Apps, Google Business, Square, Facebook and other platforms that relate directly to your industry.

Run a campaign or contest encouraging your clients and customers to rate your business on social platforms such as Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Expedia, Travelocity and others.

Create video –   Create to promote your business.  Some ideas:

  • Restaurants – Show behind the scene video of your signature dish, or special. Tell us about your place and why you have the best food.   Challenged with a huge order? Or taking care of law enforcement, medical or retail crew?  Show us how you meet those needs!
  • Shops – Show us behind the scene information about your products. Are they super special?  Best deal in town?  A great crafting find?  Don’t just scan it – touch it, pick it up, hold it, show us textures. 
  • Lodging – Show us those fluffy beds, warm and relaxing pools, delicious breakfast and special offers. 
  • Attractions – Show us what you are all about, special promotions or gift certificates that you are offering.  
  •  Everyone – Shoot a video on your history…How did you start your business? Why?  What makes you proud to be part of the communities of Pulaski County?  Have you partnered up with another business?   Are you offering special services at this time.  This is the time to share it!
  • Engage your staff – How are you and your staff letting off a bit of steam? 

Use the tags: #CommunityPride MyPulaskiCountyMO so we can find your content!

Network with other businesses – Refer business to each other, re-evaluate your buying to support other local businesses.

Develop Challenges – To engage the public on social media.  A few ideas:

Challenge!  Kids need a project?  Well, why not turn your next project into a random act of kindness?  Prepare a stack of thank you cards for your favorite retailer, business, or restaurant and thank those workers that are holding down the front lines to ensure you have the necessities that you need and want.  Hand them off as you make that milk run or greet your delivery person.

Challenge!  Find your 3 favorite restaurants and leave a Facebook, Yelp and Google Map review!!

Challenge!  Find your favorite Pulaski County Missouri shops and leave a Facebook, Yelp and Google Map review!!

Challenge!  Shout out to your favorite Pulaski County Missouri businesses and leave a Facebook, Yelp and Google Map review!! Banks, realtors, insurance agents, printers, who ever!! Let them know we support them!

Challenge!  We know you have great photos and video of our great outdoors, and fun things to do. We challenge you this week to produce a great video showcasing good times and great memories in Pulaski County USA. It can be the great outdoors, attractions, events, great eats, or a mishmash of all of these!

Challenge!  We want to see what you are doing outside to soak in the sun!  Share your videos and photos….

Online Store –  If you haven’t set up an online store, now is the time.  Research potential platforms such as Square Up and Shopify.

Personal Shopping – Use Skype or Face time as you personal shop with your customer, offer curbside or delivery services to compliment the sale. Hold live events to showcase your products, make it fun!