Impacts to Family Day and Military Graduations

SAINT ROBERT, MO, March 11— Fort Leonard Wood officials have announced that beginning March 16, 2020, family day activities are cancelled and graduations will no longer be open to families or the public until further notice due to the COVID-19 risk to Soldiers.  

Pulaski County Tourism Bureau & Visitors Center recognizes the impacts that this directive has on the families of soldiers-in-training at Fort Leonard Wood. Pulaski County Tourism Bureau understands the significance of observing the first milestone of your service member’s military career. The bureau empathizes with the disappointed families who will not be able to take part in Family Day and Graduations.

Executive Director Beth Wiles adds, “This is a very important time in your lives. Our community members understand your anguish. Many of us have military ties and we understand the importance of attending your loved one’s graduation. We look forward to welcoming graduation families to our community again after the Covid-19 risk has diminished.”

Rest assured, the command’s decision was made with focus on the health, welfare, and safety of Fort Leonard Wood’s service members, civilians, and families.

For further guidance, additional information, and live streams of graduations visit   and follow U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood’s official Facebook page at


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already booked my hotel and/or flight?

Contact the entity you made your reservations with. Explain the situation. Most hotels and airlines are offering refunds or credit options due to COVID-19. Other options: Check your cancellation agreements or make a travel insurance claim if you purchased travel insurance.

Will I be able to attend a graduation in….April or May?

It is unknown at this time. We hope they will be able to lift the restriction soon. Announcements will be made on the official Fort Leonard Wood Facebook page or watch for communications from your service member’s company.

I have question’s about my Service Member

Contact your Service Member’s Company directly. Each Company will have specific information about their Unit and Service Members. Visit the Fort Leonard Wood website for additional information if you do not have their company information.